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¿Quieres participar en un congreso internacional?

Do you want to participate in an international congress?


Of course you can!


The SSSA annual meeting takes place every year around March or April and you can participate in it. All UDLA students are allowed: Mexicans AND exchange students.


  1. Where?


Normally, the SSSA meeting takes place in any of the following states: Texas, New Orleans, New Mexico or Nevada.


2. Can I participate if I am an undergraduate student?


Sure! There are panels specifically designed for undergraduate participation. If you are a graduate student, you will be included in a graduate panel. In both cases, you can expect professors and student members of the organization to make useful comments to your paper.


3.      But what should my paper be about?


The topic should fall within the wide field of international relations. So, it is really up to you! But beware: over the past years, the quality of the student papers presented has been really good!


4.      Should my paper be in English?


Not necessarily; it could be as well in Spanish. However if you present it in English, you shall receive more feedback.


5.      How long should my paper/presentation be?


There is no extension prescribed for the papers. It takes around 15 minutes to read a 13 pages presentation. In recent years, the students have used Powerpoint to enhance their presentations.


6.      Is it expensive?


Before answering this question, please note that it is indispensable to have a valid US visa long before the congress.


There are four costs that you have to consider:

  1. Inscription to the SSSA and congress registration.
  2. Transportation to the meeting place (airplane fare plus taxis).
  3. Hotel (as a student you can always share costs with a room-mate).
  4. Food (please do not feed ONLY on fast food!).


A. On 2006, the student pre-registration fee (valid if made a couple of months before the meeting) was US$ 13, and the student membership US$ 18. So: a total of US$ 31.


B. Transportation depends on the city of destination, but… it can be in the range of US$ 400. You better check at (for instance), by yourself. Taxis and buses run from the airport to the hotels. Allow some US $ 15 per ride.


C. Hotel prices can be as low as $40 plus tax, which you can split with your companion(s). That amount you have to multiply for the number of days you are staying.


D. Food is contingent upon your stomach needs! That amount you have to multiply for the number of days you are staying.


Adding up: 

(13+18=31)       registration and membership

+ 400               airplane fare    

+ (15x2=30)      two taxis

+ (20x3=60)      3 days in shared hotel room

 + (20x3=60)     3 days of (you call that food?)

 = US $ 581     APPROXIMATELY!


The experience is worth it, and it shall look very nice in your vitae!


AND there is a US $300 subsidy available to foreign students (actually 2 or 3 of them, but since few foreign students attend, there are good chances for one of you to get it)


7.      What shall I do to get in?


  1. By end September-early October you tell me what is your paper going to be about. All we need at that time is your name and the title of the paper. Ideally, it could be an abstract of you thesis, but it could also be a well-researched paper. I will then contact the International Section of SSSA and have you enrolled.


  1. By end January-early February you give the final version of your paper. You will have to send it to your panel coordinator and commentator a couple of weeks before the meeting.



Contact me at:


Ext 2423




Sept 2007